Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals Services

Business Challenges
  • According to the World Health Organization: 
  • - 50% of drugs purchased from illegal internet resources are counterfeit
Source: WHO Fact sheet N°275, May 2012
- 10 - 30% of drugs in Asia, Africa or LATAM are expected counterfeit
- 10% of prescription drugs sold worldwide are counterfeit (the packaging may be almost identical but the ingredients within the product are often absent or at lower dose than stated, or the product has been contaminated with other dangerous ingredients such as arsenic, heavy metals, pesticide, ink, and leaded paints)

Fake products – some impressive figures
- The global volume of trade in fake goods stands at over €200 billion per year – a similar magnitude to the market for illegal drugs
- Between 2010 and 2011, the volume of fake articles detained by European customs grew by 11%
- In 2011 alone, 115 million fake goods were detained at the EU borders, with an overall value of over €1.2 billion
- Medicines are at the top of the list of detained EU articles (24%)
- In 2011, 27 million fake medicines were detained by European authorities

SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals (ATTP)
SAP Advanced Track and Trace for Pharmaceuticals provides a corporate serialization repository & management solution with regulatory reporting interfaces, supporting compliance to international legislation to fight falsified medicines. SAP ATTP allows you to:
- Report serial number events to authorities and business partners, enabling compliance with international regulations
- Integrate with ERP, warehouse management, packaging lines
- Capture serial numbers from warehouse systems & packaging lines anywhere and store serial number events centrally
- Track & trace serial number of medicinal sales units and their aggregations
- Track batches and their serial number relation
- Globally manage number ranges and randomized or sequential serial number lists
- Browse and effect internal reporting on usage, distribution of serial numbers globally

SAP ATTP Benefits