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SAP Helps Clear Traffic Jams Increasing...

SAP Helps Clear Traffic Jams Increasing urbanization makes it difficult for cities to control traffic. SAP cooperates with local traffic authorities to make traffic in metropolises flow smoothly.

Many cities are experiencing a rapid growth in public and private transportation caused by increasing urbanization and an expansion of the urban life style. This creates many challenges: denser traffic flow, greater traffic volume, and more traffic jams, which in turn increase the potential for traffic accidents.

Passenger transport in Germany has grown 20% since 1997 to roughly 50 million cars. The situation in other countries such as China, however, is far more extreme. With an estimated 78 million vehicles at present, the number of vehicles in China is increasing more than 100% every decade. China also has a new car registration rate of 16 million automobiles per year, which constitutes roughly half all global registrations.

Naturally, local traffic authorities are very interested in planning and optimizing their traffic regulation. SAP has been working with several partners for many years to maximize the efficiency of smart traffic with the SAP HANA database.

Dr. Norbert Koppenhagen, vice president of Research & Innovation at SAP, explains: “Smart traffic is one of the hottest topics in the competition for smart cities. It is also crucial in answering the question of how to organize a city and its infrastructure so that it is simultaneously more intelligent and more pleasant for the citizens.” - See more at: http://www.news-sap.com/sap-helps-clear-traffic-jams/#sthash.EKKtUy28.dpuf

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