Supply Chain Management

SAP SCM solution offers the possibility to shape a traditional linear supply chain in a flexible network, creating a “community” of companies having in focus the client, which share their knowledge and act according to the market conditions. SAP SCM solution offers the following operational units:


Planning – the ability to shape a supply chain model, including supply chain design, demand & supply planning, manufacturing planning and transportation planning.

Implementation – refers to the connection of planning, promising, logistics, and transactional systems via materials management, manufacturing execution, order promising, transportation execution, and warehouse management in combination even with wireless RFID connection.

Coordination – refers to the ability to follow up and analyse the processes in and out of the company with supply chain event management and supply chain performance management.

Collaboration – refers to the transfer of the information and the planning of common targets via collaborative planning, forecasting and replenishment (CPFR), vendor-managed inventory support (VMI) and supplier managed inventory (SMI).


TEKA Systems has developed a profound know-how in SAP SCM solutions especially in APO (Advanced Planning Optimization), a powerful tool that permits to achieve a complex and contradictory target at first sight that is the improvement of the production planning towards the client by decreasing the cost of production at the same time.