The outsourced SAP payroll services we offer are designed to meet the requirements of the tax and labor law as well as the needs of management and the finance function of a company. With the reliable and flexible SAP payroll program we offer you comprehensive information on personal and salary details for your employees.

We provide Payroll Services for Salaried, Daily paid, Hourly Wage earners and Part Timers.

The following reporting are available:


• Remuneration Statement

• Advance payments Overview

• Retroactive accounting differences

• Negative payments Report

• ΙΚΑ Analytic Periodic Statement

• ΙΚΑ Report Overview of Analytic Periodic Statement

• IKA Accompanying Document for APD

• IKA Employment Statement

• IKA Contributions report

• IKA Contributions to OAED

• Insurance Funds Overview Report

• TSAY Contributions

• TEAX Contributions

• TSMEDE Contributions report

• TEAYEK Contributions

• TAPEM Contributions

• Annual Earnings Analysis for Tax

• Annual Earnings Certificate for Tax

• Labor Inspection Authorities Report

• Statistic Agency Report

• Dismissal Compensation Estimation report

• Payments and Deductions

• Bank Details

• Payroll Journal

• Wage Type Reporter

• Horizontal Wage Type Reporter

• Horizontal Overtimes Reporter

• Payroll results display

• Completeness check

• Posting of payments – Create / Maintain posting run

• Recurring / Non recurring allowances in Normal Payroll